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Its almost Christmas but I cant find it in myself to give a shit. For some reason, here lately I just dont care about life in general. Its like if a bus came hurdling toward me I wouldnt care enough to move out of the way. Id probly let the bus hit me. I just wouldnt care at all. I dont know why Im feeling this way and where most would be concerned about this feeling I honestly dont care that I dont care. Now you would probly think that thats not true cause if ti was i wouldnt be journaling about it but to be honest Im only journaling because its something for me to do. I dont care whether or not anyone reads this and comments, I dont care if I die, I simply dont care. My parents are starting to become conserned for me but honestly I dont care. My brother is suppose to come down to see me soon and ussually Im jumping for joy but right now i dont give a flyig fuck about it. This feeling is starting to make people notice me and ussually I make damn sure no one notices me but becasue of this feeling I dont give a shit if people do notice me and thats not good. When people notice my existance strange things start to happen. Last time someone nnoticed me that guy got hit by a bus. That was five years ago and he's still in a coma. come to think about it I was feeling exactly like I do now when he noticed me. and all the times before too. When this feeling of not careing shows up people start to notice me and strange things happen. Maybe its connected. I'll have to ask my Sister about that. Hey! I just realized something! That feeling is starting to go away! Maybe journling about it made it leave. Thats great! Well I got to go. Thanks for... listening I guess. Lol.


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I'm a little of everything. Goth, emo, scene, prep, anyothers you can think of, I'm all of them. I dont care what others think about me and I always speak my mind.(even when i shouldnt) If you ask me something expect me to say what I think not what you may want to hear. I dont mind if it hurts your feelings cause if you didnt want the truth you shouldnt have asked. I can be a great friend and a terrible enemy. I stick with my friends and expect them to stick by me. Rumors I hear go in one ear and out the other cause I make up my mind about someone based on what I see not what I hear. And if you have a problem with who I am, well you can kiss my A**. As far as I'm concerned if you dont want to be my friend then its your loss casue I know I'm awsome.

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